Winslow, Arkansas

Devil’s Den State Park – Other reviewers at

October, 2014

The Lowe’s overall rating = 9 out of 10 stars


Noise level and overall “feel” of the park?

Nice and quiet, but we were only here during the week and had
to leave on a Friday.  This was a great time of the year to be here,
with nice weather for hiking and the changing of the fall colors
in progress.  We noted that the park was about 20% full during
our stay, and the rangers advised it would be just about full over
the weekend.

Road and site access/type?
All roads were paved and fairly smooth, sites were paved as

Spaciousness/levelness of sites?
Extremely roomy between sites, some of the largest we’ve
seen.  Our site (E62) was long enough for the RV and car,
and the sites we saw were nice and level.

Utilities and WiFi/cell reception?
This was one of the few state parks we’ve been to with full
hookups, including 50-amp electric!  The power and water
were very strong.  The downside was absolutely no signal
to our Verizon phones or the amplified MiFi unit.  They
claimed there were 2 spots nearby where a cell signal might
be available, but we were never able to get anything.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
A nice strong picnic table, a BBQ stand and a good fire pit.
The visitor’s center sold firewood for $3.75 per bundle.

Facilities – bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
Again, very nice for a state park.  Bathrooms were modern
and clean, and the showers were also clean but had no bench
to put toiletries on – just a foldable shelf in the shower.  We
were surprised to find a laundry room with 4 washers and 4
dryers – rare for a state park.

Pet and/or kid friendly?
Both.  This is a large park with lots of space for doggies and
kiddies to run around.  There is also “jungle-gym” equipment
near the visitor’s center for kids, and a pool that is apparently
open during the summer months.  It and the store were closed
for the season by the time we arrived.  Our section (section E)
also had a softball diamond.

Bike/walking trails nearby?
Both again.  We spent every day walking the various hiking
trails, and even walked the biking trails since we didn’t feel
like getting the bikes down.  Do not miss the Devil’s Den
trail if you come here – it is an amazing moderate hike with
incredible rock formations and cool paths along the creek,
the best we’ve explored in a long time.

Grocery stores and other services nearby?
Not exactly nearby.  There was a grocery store about 15
miles away, but the road to it was curvy and one should
allow 30 minutes to get there.  Also note this is a “dry”
county and you will need to go all the way to Fayetteville
to purchase alcohol.  So bring plenty with you!  Not sure
about other services, we were having too much fun hiking
to drive around and look.

This park is right near the top of my favorites.  It’s very large
with several sections set up so that you will be placed according
to the site and utility requirements of your RV.  Every amenity
you can imagine is here, and it gets very busy so make sure to
plan ahead – even during “off” months if you are going to spend
a weekend.  I would rate it a perfect “10” if internet had been
available, but that’s because we need it to manage our blog site.
If you won’t care about connectivity during your stay, consider
this a perfect “10” review.


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