Wandering the rugged West Coast of Canada – Ucluelet, BC

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In real-time, we’re now back in the good ‘ol U.S. of A, and I’m working hard to get caught up!

Some folks we met while traveling on Vancouver Island raised their eyebrows when we told them we were heading to Ucluelet.  They were excited for us, but then they would point at Betsy and say, “you’re going in that?”

Opinions varied on the wisdom of taking a large RV towing a car on the steep, narrow and winding highway 4, which was also undergoing major construction.  But others had done it, and our adventurous traveling friends Eric and Laurel gave us a vote of confidence as they had made the trip.  Steve figured if we crashed and burned at least he’d have someone to blame…

After asking around and doing some more research we were up for the challenge and on our way.  We made it just fine, and the drive was definitely worth it! Continue reading

Over the Mountains and to the Ocean – Anacortes, WA

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After a week of playing in the mountains near Winthrop, it was time for Betsy to hit the North Cascades Scenic Highway.  We headed west over the highest elevation at Washington Pass (5,477′) all the way down to 26′ in Anacortes.  Our ears were definitely popping on this drive! Continue reading