What a year it was!

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The year 2012 was one of major endings and new beginnings for us.

Early this year, Steve and I fired ourselves from our jobs (retired early) and gave up our comfortable income. We terminated home ownership and divested ourselves of almost all of our earthly possessions.  All of this to pursue a dream and begin a new nomadic lifestyle.

We began our new life of living on the road with excitement, tempered with a dose of anxiety.  Now, eight months later, our measured decision has been rewarded with contentment and simple happiness.  As wanderers, we are blessed to discover, enjoy and explore so many places we’ve never seen.  We have been in awe of the natural beauty surrounding us.  The challenges we initially encountered were overcome.  We think we’re ready to face just about anything down the road.  We met new friends along the way, while staying connected with the old ones.  The places we’ve been and the experiences we’ve had so far are memorable and inspiring.

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Our trek north to Alaska was easily the highlight of this year’s travels.  It was the ultimate adventure to the last frontier.

Above is Our Alaska Adventure Route, the red pins on our way in and the purple ones on our way out.

Living on the road was also the beginning for us to live in close quarters almost 24/7.  It was quite an adjustment initially, since we rarely saw each other during our working years due to opposing shift hours.   But as we journeyed on, our relationship became stronger and better.  For those of you planning to RV full time, make sure you actually like each other before proceeding!

The new year 2013 is upon us.  We are looking forward to 365 days of fun adventures, discoveries, sightseeing and more travel tales to tell as Betsy rolls down the road to take us someplace, somewhere.  So come on and ride along with us, we’ll try to take you to some places you may have never been, either.

We sincerely hope everyone closes 2012 and rings in the new year with gratefulness, peace, prosperity and good health.

~Steve and Mona Liza

Happy New Year

Beautiful British Columbia

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Our first milestone of our Alaskan adventure places us at Dawson Creek,British Columbia  where Mile 0 of the Alaskan Highway begins.

We took the classic itinerary to Alaska  via the West Coast route  starting at Vancouver . The drive towards Dawson Creek took us  along amazing sights and  scenic highways known as the Trans-Canada Highway 1  that  links to  the Cariboo Highway (97) and  finally on the  John Hart Highway. The drive in every turn reveal to us  canyons,  tunnels, sweeping vistas, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, green  valleys, Canadian rockies, wildlife and on and on. It was just beautiful ! However it was not your normal drive on a highway. Since it is mountainous we were cautioned with steep grades, winding curves, narrow steep climb, truck traffic, sudden changes in weather  and most importantly to watch for  wild animals. This league covered 732 miles, with overnight  stops at Cache Creek, Quesnel, Chetwynd and finally at Dawson Creek.

After visiting the Visitor center at Dawson Creek we were told that a portion of  Alaska Highway in the Yukon territory is closed due to mudslides. Since this is the only major highway in and out of Alaska, the Canadian crews are working non stop to repair the damage,  and we are keeping our fingers crossed. In this part of the world weather and highway conditions are major factors  and travelers  must be on the know or you will be stuck in the wilderness.