Betsy’s “ferryfull” adventures – Outer Banks, NC

Hatterras to Ocracoke Ferry

Leaving Virginia behind, we were looking forward to our next destination – the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Our friends Joe and Judy (who are North Carolinians) gave us heaps of information about the Outer Banks.  But what and where exactly are the Outer Banks?  Referred to as OBX by locals – it’s a long string of narrow barrier islands that run along most of […]

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What’s in your wallet? – Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington DC

One Million Dollar in Ten Dollar Notes

When we arrived at College Park, Maryland (our home base during our visit to the nation’s capital), the government shutdown was still underway. We all know Washington, DC is a city rich in museums, monuments, attractions and more.  Despite the shutdown there were several interesting things for us to check out. The famous open-air memorials were still somewhat accessible, and […]

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On Golden Pond – Squam Lakes, NH

After running around and savoring the delicious foods in Vermont,  it’s time to move on to our next state, New Hampshire.  Besides, we really disliked our campground and couldn’t wait to move on.  Below is what we woke up to each morning while there – guests of guests who partied all night long.  Rules?  What rules?  This scene was just […]

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