Final days in the Sonoran Desert- AZ

Our winter stay in the Sonoran Desert this year began in January and seemed to just fly by. After my birding excursions at Patagonia, we returned to Tucson recently to wrap up a few appointments, hike with friends and socialize before beginning our slow migration north. While setting up camp we heard the military ‘birds” overhead, giving us a free […]

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Hollywood in the desert – Tucson, AZ

Chinese Alley, Old Tucson Studios

Old Tucson Studios Another attraction we checked out while hanging in the Tucson area was the Old Tucson Studios, a movie studio / theme park.  The complete western town spread out over 300 acres in the beautiful Tucson Mountain Park and the incomparable Saguaro National Park. It was built by Columbia Pictures in 1939 on a Pima County-owned site as a replica […]

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