The rest of our scenic hikes – Glacier NP, MT

Two Medicine Lake

Although we’ve spent three weeks at Glacier National Park, we hiked only a few of its 734 miles of trails.  This place offers many outdoor activities, but exploring on foot remains our preferred method. This is my 4th post about the park, and I hope folks remain interested in seeing the incredible views, wildlife and wildflowers there. If you missed those previous posts, click here for enchanting waterfalls, here for […]

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A Hike to Receding Glaciers – Glacier National Park, MT

Many Glacier Hotel

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, glacial recession is well underway with many completely gone.  The retreat of these alpine glaciers reflects recent changes in climate as they respond to altered temperatures and precipitation. It’s been estimated that approximately 150 glaciers existed in Glacier National Park in 1850, and most were still present in 1910 when the park was established.  In 2010, only about 25 […]

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Picturesque Lakes – Glacier National Park

Hidden Lake Trail

As you might imagine, Glacier NP has an enormous snowmelt every spring and summer. Water cascades down the mountains and creates hundreds of beautiful waterfalls, some captured in my previous post.  Then the glacial water continues down the cliff walls to fill picturesque lakes. Of the over 700 lakes within the park, 131 are named.  According to the NPS, Glacier’s water can be considered the headwaters […]

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