Silvers and Golds

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American Goldfinch

A year ago this month, we formally announced the launch of our blog site, The Lowe’s RV Adventures. This was our vehicle to tell tales of our adventures while on the road hitting the 49 states.  What initially was meant for family and friends to keep them abreast of where we are and what we have been up to has blossomed into a bigger circle of new friends.  As rookies in this world of RV fulltiming we really didn’t know what to expect when meeting folks on the road or in RV Parks.  But blogging has been a great instrument in connecting us to wonderful people – people with similar interests and a lust for adventure, some of them living on the road and experiencing the beauty of the countryside as we have.

Along the way we met fellow bloggers, by chance and/or through planned rendezvous.  There are still several fellow bloggers whom we would like to meet someday, somewhere along the way.  We know our paths will cross.  What’s exciting and interesting is that since we’re all heading in different directions, going into different places and doing different things, our experiences are diverse.  The exchange of stories, sharing of ideas and information is just amazing.  We learn from each other, sharing our mishaps as well as our good fortunes.

Grabbing a line from a  Girl Scout song, it goes,

“Make new friends, but keep the old, one is Silver and the other Gold…”

To celebrate our blog site anniversary, here’s a toast to our Silvers and Golds … met or to be met … to our avid followers, readers and lurkers — Cheers!

RV friends we met while in Alaska:

 Chuck and Ayn of Roadlife

The first blogger we met Chuck and Ayn of Roadlife

Joe and Judy

Joe and Judy in Talkeetna, and we’ll meet again soon in North Carolina!

Friends we met in Arizona:

Live Laugh RV

Al and Ingrid at Cave Creek – Live Laugh RV

Wheeling It

At Yuma we finally met Paul and Nina – Wheeling It

At Casa Grande we met Hans and Lisa – Metamorphis Road

Larry and Nance snowbirders from Montana

At Cave Creek and Patagonia State Park we met up with Larry and Nancy, snowbirders from Montana

We have no photograph of  Maureen and Eric of TwoScamps.  We met them at Catalina State Park, AZ.

In Texas:

Bob and Sue

Bob and Sue, our personal tour guides in San Antonio –Travelbug 

Then on our way out of the park I visited with Debbie of Great Escape from NJ but forgot my camera so no photograph of us.

And very recently at Piedmont, SC, we met Steve and Sue from Texas who had been full timing for 20 years, now there’s a lot of experience to pick on!

Wow, we really did meet a lot of great people during our first year of adventures.

Cheers again!