Our Top 7 Favorite Biking Trails-1st Anniversary Post Part 2

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Tools of the Trade

Why 7?  Because we just couldn’t fit all of our favorites in a Top 5!

When we’re at an RV park or near a place with good biking trails, we try to take advantage of them as much as we can (weather permitting).  As Steve keeps reminding me, If we have to lug these bikes around let’s use them.  Okay, lets do it! Continue reading

Redding, California

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On our way out of California, our last stop was at Redding where we  bid goodbye to our last Californian friends, Martin and Bobbie. We also did a lot of biking around town and in one of the best biking trail we have been, the Sacramento River Trail which stretch over 9 miles along the banks of the beautiful river.