Installing a Blue Streak toilet chemical dispenser

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This is another one of Steve’s easy RV modification posts:

I installed this kit several years ago and have had plenty of time to observe how it works for us.  We dump our black tank at different time intervals – anytime between 3 to 10 days of use, spending on our travel dates.  What I like about this kit is that the chemical is dispensed per-flush, so it makes no difference when we dump.  We don’t like to drive with the odor and extra weight of black tank contents, so we dump every time we depart a campground, if possible.

We’ve been happy with this system and recommend that folks traveling in a situation similar to ours take a look at it.  Be aware that the chemical refills can be somewhat difficult to find, and we’ve only had luck locating them online – meaning we must have them shipped to us.  It’s not too onerous, as each container lasts between 1 – 1.5 months with normal use, so we normally order refills 3-4 times per year.  The best price we’ve found for the kit and the refills was at rvupgradestore, and we’ve always received the refills from them in a timely manner.

Blue Streak kit

An image of the kit from the rvupgradestore website

I haven’t tried to price-compare the Blue Streak chemical vs. “toss-in” products, but we like the convenience of this kit so much that we won’t consider going back.  It keeps the odor down just fine, and we like the blue water that remains in our toilet after each flush.

The installation on our toilet was very easy, but I won’t detail it here as yours may differ.  I will point out that the kit is pretty much foolproof, since the chemical moves from the tank to the toilet’s water inlet line via gravity and there isn’t much that can go wrong with it.  The container has a level indicator that shows how much remains in it.

Blue Streak dispenser

Even in this lousy photo you can see the dispenser is about half full

We hope to hear from folks who decide to install this system, or are already using it.