A space heater with a brain – the DeLonghi TCH7090ERDC

I don’t normally review products that we use in our day-to-day lives, but this one that Mona Liza grabbed at Costco the other day warrants some attention.

I have been a fan of DeLonghi products for many years, because I have found that their high-quality appliances work well and are reasonably priced.  I owned one of their toaster ovens for many years, and Mona Liza had to pry it out of my hands when we started full-timing, only because it wouldn’t fit on the limited counter space we have in our motorhome.  I still get emotional when I think of all the good times I had with that little oven 🙂

This review concerns their TCH7090ERDC electric space heater.  It’s a “ceramic tower heater” with several features, including a remote control that allows me to heat the area without even having to get out of my chair to control it.  How cool is that?

My new favorite space heater and its cool little remote

My new favorite space heater and its cool little remote

After using this heater for just a few hours, I’m impressed with its ability to do everything it does without intervention.  Last night we took it out of the box and set it to its “ECO” setting to see how it would perform.  It heated our coach up very quickly, although I have to admit it wasn’t terribly cold outside at the time.  It can be set to “minimum” or “boost” as desired, but I selected “boost” because I usually want to heat the coach up quickly when I need to.  It did well when I tested it by opening and closing windows to see how the automatic thermostat functions worked to heat the area.  I also liked that it’s tall and slender, which makes it easy to store in a small area when not in use.

I have to say that I like this little room heater very much and would recommend it to RV folks who want to quickly warm up their space on those cold evenings.