Provo, Utah

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June, 2016

The Lowe’s overall rating (based on value for the
money, quality of amenities and utilities, site suitability
and what we think other RV’ers in our situation would
be looking for) = 8 out of 10 stars

We liked the generous site spacing, and views of the mountains were terrific
Tables were on a nice patio and covered, great for the hot days during our stay
No complaints about the views here!


Noise level and overall “feel” of the park?
The feel of this park is good, especially after staying in several
campgrounds near national monuments that were very cramped
and busy.  This one was spread out and within view of Utah’s
largest freshwater lake.  The camp hosts we met were friendly
and helpful, and in fact they immediately trimmed some low
-hanging tree branches that we encountered on our entry the
next day!  We’re not used to such quick response at state parks.
The folks also accommodated a move to another site we
requested, and there were no problems with the move.  This
place was quite, even on weekends, because of the generous
site spacing and the fact that it was located well away from
major roads.  That said, it was close to a fairly busy airport
and we heard quite a bit of overhead traffic at times – mostly
small planes and helicopters, with a few jets mixed in.

Road and site access/type?
All paved, and the one-way road through our section “B”
provided fairly easy access into the pull-through and back-in
sites.  However, the pull-through sites were a bit cramped
width-wise for larger RV’s and a couple of “adjustments” were
required to get located properly within those confines.

Sites spacious and/or level?  Comments?
Very generous spacing between sites, yay!  As mentioned, they
were a bit cramped side-to-side for larger units.  Lengthwise
they were fine, we were able to park the car in front of our
motorhome and remain off the road.  The two sites we stayed
in were close to level, and it looked like most of the others in
section “B” were as well.

Utilities and WiFi/cell reception?
The Verizon signal to this place was great, and our phones and
hotspot worked well.  The 30-amp power and water at our site
were strong.  No sewer, but the dump station was conveniently
located and easy to access on our way in and out.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
Each site included a covered picnic table on a concrete pad,
and the shade was appreciated during the heatwave we
experienced.  Also included was a fire pit, and the office sold
firewood at a reasonable cost.

Bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
No laundry room here, but there was one about two miles
outside of the park.  It was large but held many older
machines – it would get the job done.  The individual shower
rooms within the park were in a couple of the larger bathroom
buildings, and they were acceptable.

Pet friendly?
There were many large grassy areas where doggies could be
walked, but it looked like a strictly on-leash campground.
A hike/bike path running alongside the park was used by
many folks who wanted to exercise their furry friends.

Bicycle/walking trails nearby?
This was a large campground, and as mentioned above there
was a paved walking/cycling path that ran for many miles right
alongside it.  It was not located in a mountainous area, but
perfect for meandering around and enjoying sites of the huge

Groceries & other services nearby?
Provo was very busy traffic-wise.  We loved the diversity of
the area, with many asian markets and excellent restaurants
nearby.  Since we were here to get our motorhome and car
maintenance done in Salt Lake City, it was a good place to
stay for those things, and to get re-stocked at Costco and
other large stores in the area.  Although located in a busier
area than we usually like to stay, the campground was an
oasis away from the noise and it was only a short drive to
everything we needed during our visit.

The midge flies were in full force during our stay, due to the
heat and this park’s close proximity to the lake.  However,
although they were everywhere I didn’t consider them
especially onerous – compared to mosquitos or deer flies –
and they didn’t ruin our visit.   We did our best to keep
them out of our coach, and the views of the gorgeous
snow-capped mountains confirmed that we would definitely
stay here again if we come through the area.