Navarre, Florida

Navarre Beach Campground

The Lowe’s overall rating = 8 out of 10 stars

March, 2014

After driving by the other RV parks in the Navarre area, I liked this one best due to the fact that most of the sites are farther off the busy highway. The other parks look nice, but are right along the road. The sites fronting the road here were noisy too, but we stayed at site #194 which was farther in, and it obviously gets quieter as you move further into the park. Interior streets were paved and sites were gravel, some leveling with our jacks was required. The 50-amp power and water were strong. Site spacing was decent, and there was a concrete patio with a table at each one. There were two laundry rooms here, a small one with 4 washers and 4 dryers near the front of the park and a larger one with 6 of each in the back. Bathrooms and showers were modern and clean, with benches for toiletries at the showers. My wife was very happy that many birds seemed to flock to this area. Although the park is small, it had a short walking path along the east side that we enjoyed often, and a nice “tiki beach” sort of area that faces Santa Rosa Island to the south. That area had several chairs and a long walkway out into the water – nicely done! NOTE: if you’re approaching this park from the east and your Google Maps or GPS indicate you should pass the park and make a U-turn to come back, don’t do it – totally unnecessary. There is a perfectly good traffic signal at the front of the park with a left turn lane that the GPS databases don’t seem to know about, even though it doesn’t appear to be new. From the east, once you go through the signal in front of Walmart get into the left lane and turn left into the park at the next signal. It was very difficult to turn our rig around where the GPS indicated we should.

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