Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, CA

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August, 2016

The Lowe’s overall rating (based on value for the money,
quality of amenities and utilities, site suitability and what
we believe other RV’ers in our situation would be looking
for) = 7 out of 10 stars

This is after the park emptied out for the day – back-in sites to the right and pull-through sites to the left
This row had good shade in the afternoons with those trees behind them.  The owner allows folks to pick a site, and you should take advantage of it
I like a good shower, and this is one of them!

Noise level and overall “feel” of the campground?
If you’re able to sleep through trains roaring by across the street during the
night, this place is otherwise fairly nice.  Some exterior vehicle traffic noise
during the day as well, but nothing like the trains going through.  The park
is pretty, with lots of grass and trees lining the exterior.  Some sites had
good tree coverage, and others not so much – like ours (C10).  The couple
running the place were very nice and helpful, letting us pick our site and
checking in with us to make sure everything was OK.

Road and site access?
Interior roads and sites consisted of gravel, dust was not too bad.  There
were rows designated for pull-throughs and others for back-ins.  Access
into the sites was easy.  The roads had some bad potholes – we don’t know
if that was because of recent bad weather or lack of maintenance.

Condition of sites?
All of the sites we saw were plenty long for RV’s with vehicles parked in
front of them.  Spacing between sites was adequate, not too tight.  Some
rows had good shading from trees, others did not.  This is something
folks might want to check out before selecting a site, by driving through
to pick the right one.  The owners will allow you to do that, and we liked
it.  There were grassy areas around all of the sites.  Levelness varied
throughout the park, and we saw a few that would have been difficult for
us to level on.

Utilities offered and their quality?
Full hookups, and the 30-amp electric and water pressure were OK.
The utilities were reasonably located so we were able to reach everything.
The park offered WiFi, but we didn’t get a chance to try it because the
Verizon signal was excellent.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
A decent table and fire “basket” were included, and we had several
campfires.  If you want to have a fire here, buy the wood at the office.
For $10 we got a huge pile of wood that lasted for 3 nights.

Bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
The bathrooms were quite nice.  Each had stalls for toilets and a large
shower with a bench and several hooks – yay!  There was no laundry
facility here.

Pet friendly?
Tons of lawn areas for doggie to do his/her business, but no large
dedicated off-leash area was available.

Bicycle/walking trails nearby?
Nothing right out of the park.

Groceries & other services nearby?
There was a small grocery store with some fruits and veggies just up
the street, with most things folks would need during their stay.  There
was also a NAPA Auto Store and a couple of hardware stores.  Nothing
larger than that for RV repairs.  A few small restaurants were in the
downtown area, we didn’t get to try any of them during our short stay.

The small town is really quaint, and we liked the community spirit while
we were here.  They had a car show, a restaurant food festival, and a
concert on the weekend of our stay.  They were all small events, but we
got a good feel for the people and how friendly they were.  We really
liked the atmosphere here.  The horrific train noise as they passed
through knocked the rating down a couple of notches.  But we liked what
we saw and would come back here if ever in the area again.