Halstead, Kansas

Springlake RV ResortOther reviewers at rvparkreviews.com

June, 2015

The Lowe’s overall rating = 6 out of 10 stars

The park is large and pretty with all of the green grass and trees in some areas…
…but most sites were rough with sparse gravel, not very level and the power was marginal


Noise level and overall “feel” of the park?
It was quiet in the section where we stayed (site #169).  Only a few
other RV’s were in the area, but we didn’t stay over a weekend so I
can’t say what it would be like then.  The park staff were friendly
and helpful when we arrived.

Road and site access/type?
Gravel interior roads in fair condition, and gravel at the sites.  The
gravel at the sites was sparse and in bad condition.  There were also
some muddy spots at many sites, and we had to drive our car through
one of them to get it parked.

Spaciousness/levelness of sites?
Sites are spaced fairly close together, although we’ve seen worse.
Our site was a back-in and barely long enough to fit the RV with the
car parked in front of it at an angle.  We had to use our jacks with
wooden blocks to get level.

Utilities and WiFi/cell reception?
The park provided free and paid WiFi.  We tried only the free system,
and it was adequate but certainly not fast.  Our Verizon reception was
good to the phones and hotspot.  Power was marginal, and our meter
showed about 109 volts with the AC running.  This is at a 50-amp site.
We think using the microwave with the AC running would have forced
the voltage dangerously low.  Water pressure was good.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
No table or fire pit.  This is a resort?  I don’t think so!

Facilities – bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
The bathrooms were very old, but clean.  Showers had a bench and
hooks.  The laundry room consisted of 3 washers and 3 dryers, all
old.  The small folding table was dirty and we did not use the

Pet and/or kid friendly?
Pets were to be kept on-leash at all times, but there were some
large areas where they probably could have been let free.  There
was some equipment for the kids and a large, new pool.  We didn’t
see any kids during our stay.

Bike/walking trails nearby?
A gravel road ran along the west side of the park, but it wasn’t
ideal for walking.  A short trail and the interior park roads
provided a decent walk without leaving the property.

Grocery stores and other services nearby?
A Super-Walmart and Dillons were located in Newton, about
12 miles east of the campground.  Wichita was about 25 miles away,
where just about any other needed services could be found.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how this park got rated so
high at rvparkreview.com.  Perhaps most customers are from
the area and haven’t experienced many other parks?  This place
had the highest percentage of permanent residents living in run-
down RV’s that we have seen, except for one other park in
Florida.  Although it’s a large place, the condition of the sites
and facilities, along with the lack of niceties – like picnic tables –
just didn’t make it an appealing park for us.  The word “resort”
definitely didn’t jump into my head when we drove into this


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