Waterfall Heaven – Columbia River Gorge, Part 1

Steve is smiling for he can now check one off from his bucket list, the Columbia River Gorge.  The Columbia River Gorge is an impressive river canyon carved by the Columbia river as it flows into the Pacific Ocean. It stretches over 80 miles and is shared by the states of Washington and Oregon.  Mt Adams to the north and Mt Hood to the south flank the gorge and the mighty Columbia River runs through its middle.  The bridges that connects the states are:  The Dalles to the east, the Hood River in the middle and the Bridge of the Gods to the west.  The Gorge is recognized as a destination for exploring the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Pacific Northwest.  Geologists must love this place with all its cliffs, rock formations and rugged terrain. Continue reading Waterfall Heaven – Columbia River Gorge, Part 1

Historic Astoria, Oregon

We arrived in Astoria in the afternoon bringing sunshine with us. On the Oregon Coast at this time of the year, a sunshine day is a blissful occurrence. After setting up we explored Astoria which is also known as “Little San Francisco,” and coming from “The City” myself this town is indeed little. No visit to the Oregon north coast is complete without a stop at the Astoria Column. It stands 125 feet tall and took us 164 winding steps to the top and the view is “wow”.  It was cold and windy when we got there so we only stayed at the top for a few minutes to enjoy the panoramic view of the Columbia river, the Pacific Ocean, city of Astoria and the mountain ranges of Oregon and Washington. Also, the Astoria -Megler bridge that connects Astoria to Washington state is clearly visible. Continue reading Historic Astoria, Oregon

Planes, Cheese and Scenic Views – Oregon Coast

The clouds moved and the rain stopped. Yeah! time to wander around again and do some fun things, view and taste. Our meanderings began on a very scenic drive along Hwy 101  from Lincoln City driving up North, then came off to follow the  35-mile byway between Tillamook and Pacific City, known as Three Capes Scenic Loop. The beauty of Cape Kiwanda, Cape Lookout and  Cape Meares justified leaving the main highway. And yes every twist, turn, curve took us to some awesome coastal views. Continue reading Planes, Cheese and Scenic Views – Oregon Coast

A visit to Spruce Goose – McMinnville, OR

Being a pilot, Steve is interested in airplanes and aviation in general. He has been interested in seeing  Spruce Goose which was originally housed in Long Beach, California but is now displayed at Evergreen Aviation and Space  Museum at Mcminnville Oregon. Spruce Goose, as you may know, is the worlds largest wooden airplane or also known as the flying boat design and built by Howard Hughes. The museum houses not only Spruce Goose but also as many as more than 150 historic aircraft and exhibits. On the grounds also are the Space museum, the Evergreen theater, and a WaterPark. Continue reading A visit to Spruce Goose – McMinnville, OR