The Teton Range and a Fort – Jackson, Wyoming

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I like to pose at signs ūüôā

It’s been eleven years since our last visit to Grand Teton National Park, and we looked forward to driving through again while we were relatively nearby.¬† Although the crowds and traffic tend to keep us away from the national parks we’ve already visited (we skipped Yellowstone this time), our early arrival kept the crowds away until the early afternoon when we were leaving. Continue reading

A spring that breathes? – Afton, WY

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With scenic Idaho and its famous potatoes in our rearview mirror, we crossed into the northern part of Wyoming’s Star Valley for a 4-night stay in the little town of Thayne.¬† Our plan was to visit Grand Teton National Park (60 miles to the north) on a weekday during our stay, to avoid the busy weekends there. Continue reading

Gateway to the wild and scenic – Cody, Wyoming

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American Bison

Cody is in the heart of the “American West”, a¬†gateway to¬†spectacular driving loops¬†that allowed¬†us to see the best of Wyoming. ¬†We drove¬†them until Steve threw up his arms and said¬†” enough driving already!” ¬†Armed with a¬†color-coded map, we set up our driving strategy and took off!

Big Horn Mountains Loop/Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway (blue line)

Continue reading

A place called Cody, Wyoming

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Cody Rodeo

While¬†planning our route through Wyoming we initially intended to revisit the Grand Tetons and Jackson. ¬†But even many months ahead the RV parks were fully booked on the dates we wanted. ¬†Since we’d already visited those places¬†several years ago, we changed our plans¬†and headed instead to¬†Cody. ¬†It¬†was a good move,¬†as it turns out Cody is a¬†gateway for¬†several scenic drives. Continue reading

Hello, Wyoming!

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Northern Flicker

Excitement prevailed as we finally left Utah behind and started our climb into the 47th state of our adventure.  As Steve navigated the long climb followed by a steep downgrade to our new home base at Lander, we immediately recognized what this state is known for Рwide open spaces, cattle, wild horses and cowboys.  It also has the lowest population density of any state in the lower 48.  No state income tax and low sales taxes, plus reasonable prices for homes with property Рhmm, better take a closer look! Continue reading