Fields of dreams in beautiful southwest Wisconsin

Driving in and around the tri-state area is a feast for the eyes.  Although you won’t be ogling towering mountains here, the rolling hills filled with farmland and dairies offers a scenery only the heartland of Amerian can provide.  Sometimes you cruise along the county roads for miles without meeting another car – there is no traffic here.  Wisconsin’s picturesque dairy farms, pastures and […]

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Tri-states means triple the fun!

The Big M, Platteville, WI

Our slow southern migration continued to our next stop at Kieler, Wisconsin, which just happens to lie at the junction of three states – Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.  We established our one-week home base at Rustic Barn Campground and RV Park (Steve’s review here).  The unsettled weather while here added some spice to our “activities planning”, but I used my “Daytripper Book of 101 Things […]

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If you’re into Cranes, read on! – Baraboo, Wisconsin

Blue Crane

Another cool thing about Baraboo, Wisconsin, is that it’s home to the International Crane Foundation (ICF), which definitely caught my interest.  Steve gladly dropped me off so I could enjoy some “alone time” with my feathered friends. The cranes here aren’t in the wild – ICF is home to a captive population of cranes on their 225-acre campus in Baraboo, including the only complete collection of […]

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Gnats, Range Lights and Mushrooms – Door County, WI

My “editor-in-chief” (Steve) was not very enthusiastic when he learned this post is mostly about mushrooms.  He pointed out that I had initially overlooked some interesting things we did other than viewing mushrooms.  Well, I have included a couple of experiences we had during our stay in Door County, but I must admit to being so enthralled by the abundance of fungi […]

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Off the beaten path – Door County, Wisconsin has it all!

Door County

While driving out of Michigan and heading into Wisconsin, we realized that we were leaving the eastern time zone for the last time, and that we’ve been through all six of North America’s time zones (Alaskan, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern and Atlantic) during our travels.  We’ve stayed at places where crossing timezones was a daily occurrence, and we’ve had to learn […]

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