On Golden Pond – Squam Lakes, NH

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After running around and savoring the delicious foods in Vermont,  it’s time to move on to our next state, New Hampshire.  Besides, we really disliked our campground and couldn’t wait to move on.  Below is what we woke up to each morning while there – guests of guests who partied all night long.  Rules?  What rules?  This scene was just in our little area, there were similar scenarios around the campground.  What a mess!

Lake Dunsmore Kamperville

Camp Chaos at your service!

Our next stop was at Contookook, NH, near Concord, and the plan was to just chill out and do some trip planning.  But a beautiful lake had beckoned to me from one of my readings and it was described as not only gorgeous, but also as the second largest lake in New Hampshire.  Squam Lakes was the setting of the movie “On Golden Pond“.  The lakes area is located 40 miles north of Concord in the little town of Holderness, and it consists of a small and large lake connected by a channel.  Big and Little Squam Lakes are naturally spring-fed and connected by a channel in Holderness.  Big Squam is 6,791 acres, 6 miles long, 4 miles wide and 98 feet deep with 61 miles of shoreline.  It is the second-largest lake located entirely in New Hampshire.  Little Squam is 408 acres, 2 miles long, 1/2 mile wide and 84 feet deep.  We did not see any loons during our visit, although there seemed to be a lot of them in the movie.

Squam Lakes

Squam Lakes viewed from West Rattlesnake Mountain

The lakes are host to 67 islands which can be seen as you hike up Rattlesnake Mountain, which is a fairly short, moderate hike.  The view is spectacular from the top on a clear day, which we were lucky to enjoy.  As we headed back down we realized that this was another popular hike, as we met many groups of people heading to the top.  As usual, getting out there early is always the best way to avoid the crowds!

Squam Lakes

Soaking in the beauty of Squam Lakes

Our home base was Sandy Beach RV Park, situated among stately pines and overlooking a picturesque New England spring-fed pond.  It was a relief to see no crowds this time, and it was very quiet during our short stay.  If interested, read Steve’s review here.  I even played on the swing set while waiting for the sunset, for there was no competition here…

Sandy Beach RV Resort

Happy lady on a swing

…and Steve enjoyed his alone time on the lake watching the sun go down.

Sandy Beach RV Park

Happy man on a lake

Sandy Beach RV Park

Our spacious site.

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