Famous Western Nebraska landmarks – Platte River Valley

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One of the perks of this rolling lifestyle is learning history while at the same time enjoying the scenery.  Most of our 2013 stops along the “history belt” back east served well in educating and enriching us.  Our current stop at the Platte River Valley in western Nebraska did the same. Continue reading

Looking for fun in Omaha, Nebraska

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Rain began to fall midway into our short drive from Lincoln to Omaha.  We were reminded of our friends John and Pam who don’t drive their RV in the rain, and for good reasons – one being that it just isn’t fun!  We also try to avoid it, but sometimes it’s darn near impossible. Fortunately we made it to our scheduled stopover at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum in Ashland, Nebraska just as the wet stuff started coming down. Continue reading

Rambling around Lincoln, Nebraska

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We are now pacing our movement to attend a big event that we signed up for several months ago, the Grand National Rally in Forest City, Iowa.  It will happen during the last week of July, so we have plenty of time to meander through two more states on our way.  Nebraska, the Cornhusker State, is our 42nd, and we had two planned stops – Lincoln and Omaha.  Being in the midwestern states in July, heat and humidity are obviously the order of the day.  Outdoor activities have been shortened and started very early, and air conditioning has become our friend. Continue reading