Hangin’ out in “Da U.P.” – pt. 2

Pictured Rocks

This is a continuation of my previous U.P. post, part 1.  Click here if you’d like to read it first. Whitefish Point We continued northward from Paradise (#3 on the map) to visit the graveyard of Lake Superior, Whitefish Point (#4). Steve was fascinated by the stories he read about the hundreds of ships sitting on the bottom of Lake Superior, many of them quite […]

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Hangin’ out in “Da U.P.” – Newberry, Michigan pt. 1

Upper Peninsula

As Don and Lisa headed southeast back to Ohio, we drove Betsy the farthest north we’ll be this year – the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The state of Michigan is made up of two peninsulas, the upper and lower.  The northern, Upper Peninsula is commonly referred to as Upper Michigan or “Da U.P”.  It’s separated from the Lower Peninsula by the Strait of Mackinac, a […]

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Biking around a charming (but stinky) little island – Mackinac Island, MI

Mackinac Island

Our active and fun-filled days with Don and Lisa continued, as we moved Betsy up into northern Michigan.  Destination: Mackinaw City, just across from Mackinac Island.  This small island lies in the Strait of Mackinac, between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas.  As we learned first-hand, it’s a favorite summer destination for thousands of folks, with a charming downtown area.  It had been recommended to […]

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The Henry Ford – Dearborn, MI

Ford Model T

Dearborn, Michigan was not originally on our route of travel, as we had planned to stay closer to Lake Michigan while heading north.  But during a Skype call with our good friends Don and Lisa, they suggested meeting up in the Dearborn area to visit “The Henry Ford.” Since this was the first we had heard of the place, we envisioned something like the Edison & […]

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