Carlsbad, New Mexico

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April, 2015

The Lowe’s overall rating = 7 out of 10 stars

Typical KOA, this one under stormy skies…
The “greeters” at this KOA were a little different

Noise level and overall “feel” of the park?
This was a fairly quiet park, considering its size.  Mornings and
afternoons got a bit noisy as there was “high turnover” of folks
passing through the park.  We were led to our site, and the
office personnel were friendly and helpful.

Road and site access/type?
All gravel, and a lot of dust.  We had a couple of hot and windy
days that made the dust so bad we had to close our windows
and hide inside.  It would be great if they could afford to pave
the roads in this place!

Spaciousness/levelness of sites?
The spacing was typical, and most sites were pullthroughs and
offset a bit so guests weren’t looking right into their neighbor’s
RV.  We were able to level without our jacks.

Utilities and WiFi/cell reception?
The full hookups with 50A electric provided strong power and
water.  The Verizon signal to our hotspot and phones was good.
We did not get a chance to try out the park’s WiFi

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
Both.  The table was a strong and new wood/metal unit.  The
fire pit was at the very front of the sites, so not very convenient,
in our opinion.

Facilities – bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
All were nice, and clean.  The showers were set up nicely with
a bench for each stall, and the laundry room had modern

Pet and/or kid friendly?
There was a pool for the kids, typical of KOA’s.  There was a
large grassy area to walk dogs along the side of the park where
we were.

Bike/walking trails nearby?
We walked down a trail next to the park which led to the nearby
lake – probably about 1/2 mile each way.  Walking around the
perimeter of the park and then down each row yielded a 2-mile
trek as well.  The same could be done with bikes, plus a ride out
to the front gate which was probably another 1/2 mile.

Grocery stores and other services nearby?
The Albertson’s grocery store and some services were about 16
miles away in town.  It’s not a large city, so services are somewhat

This was a fine place to stay while we visited the Carlsbad Caverns
(about an hour away) and other spots around Carlsbad.  I wouldn’t
consider it a destination park for any other activities, unless you had
family to visit in the area.


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