Cannonville, Utah

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May, 2016

The Lowe’s overall rating (based on value for the
money, quality of amenities and utilities, site suitability
and what we think other RV’ers in our situation would
be looking for) = 4 out of 10 stars

Crowded and busy with narrow interior roads
Located in a nice area, but not such a nice campground

Noise level and overall “feel” of the park?
Being close to Bryce Canyon NP and many other area attractions,
this park was predictably busy every day.  Filling up almost every
night and then largely emptying out in the mornings, it was just
one of those parks where you won’t get a quiet experience.  There
were more small rental RV’s driven by foreigners here than we’ve
ever seen, and as a group they aren’t particularly knowledgeable
about camping etiquette and the fact that it isn’t cool to walk
through occupied sites.  They either don’t know or don’t care, and
it’s very aggravating.  In general we are leaning away from staying
at KOA campgrounds unless absolutely necessary, we don’t like
the atmosphere at their parks, and they are overpriced for what
you get.

Road and site access/type?
All gravel within the campground.  Site access was difficult due to
the narrowness of the interior roads, except for pull-through
sites which were fairly accessible.  We watched a poor guy trying
to get his 5th wheel into a site behind us, a 30-minute project that
had his truck’s transmission smoking at the end.

Sites spacious and/or level?  Comments?
Site spacing was tight, with small grass areas outside of each entry
door.  Length was marginal, with most sites requiring tow vehicles
to park sideways to get mostly off the road.  Most of the
pull-through sites were fairly level, and the back-in sites in our
area varied in levelness.

Utilities and WiFi/cell reception?
There was no Verizon signal to our boosted hotspot, and the
signal to our phones was marginal but mostly usable.  The
campground’s WiFi was reasonable during the early and very
late hours of the day, unusable at other times.  50-amp power
and water pressure were strong.  No cable here.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
Tables and fire pits at most sites, but placement of the fire pits
was bizarre.  Many of them were placed far in front of sites, and
in some cases almost in adjoining sites.  It was a situation that we
didn’t like and we never had a campfire.

Bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
Finally something positive for me to report!  The bathrooms
were clean and modern, and the separate individual shower
rooms were nice as well, with hooks and chairs available to put
goodies on.  The laundry room consisted of 4 washers, 4 dryers
and a small folding table.

Pet friendly?
Not really.  There was a small fenced area for off-leash dog
activities, but it was just a dirt area and didn’t look like a place
I would like to run my dog – assuming I had one.

Bicycle/walking trails nearby?
Nothing out of the campground or in the immediate area.  The
various largemparks in the area had almost unlimited
opportunities, of course.

Groceries & other services nearby?
Nothing in the little town of Cannonville where we stayed, but
there was a small market 5 miles up the road in Tropic that
carried limited fruits and veggies.  Very few restaurants in the
area (we didn’t try any), and forget about any major services.
This is a bare-bones tourist area with minimal services.

You may be thinking by I don’t care much for this park, and you
would be correct.  If I had to give it a positive rating for
something, it would be its location.  It’s convenient to
Kodachrome Basin State Park, Escalante, and several other
activities located southeast of Bryce Canyon NP.  It’s also fairly
close to Bryce – about 15 miles.  But we did not enjoy this
campground at all and would strongly recommend looking at
the one within Kodachrome Basin State Park.  It’s a beautiful
place with spacious paved sites, but only a few of them have
hookups and must be reserved far in advance.  Although it’s a
bit of a drive to get from that campground to the main highway
(Hwy 12), we would definitely accept that inconvenience to stay
in a much nicer (and cheaper) place.