Bellevue, Nebraska

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July, 2015

The Lowe’s overall rating = 6 out of 10 stars

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Noise level and overall “feel” of the park?
Even considering that we stayed here over the 4th of July
weekend when you would expect things to get a little rowdy,
the lack of staffing here could be a problem anytime.  The
“reservation trailer” is not staffed, and the only way to get
help from park (city) personnel is to call a number during
business hours.  We never saw a security or police car pass
through the park during our 5-night stay.

The park’s policy is no alcohol allowed (a bit strict, but it’s
the rule).  The alcohol flowed and people were walking
around with their drinks unchecked by anyone.  Also, no
fireworks allowed.  Really?  I’ve never seen so many fireworks
fired off from a single location!  No security means that people
will do as they wish, and that’s what happened here.

Road and site access/type?
All paved roads, and concrete sites.  Some of the angles of the
sites to the road could make backing in a bit challenging, but
we made it OK.

Spaciousness/levelness of sites?
There were two loops within the park, and spacing between
sites was dependent on what angle each site was at.  Overall
the spacing was fairly good, though.  Site lengths varied, but
the ones allocated to large rigs were plenty long to allow
parking a car in front of a motorhome.  Most sites we saw
were fairly level.

Utilities and WiFi/cell reception?
It seemed that sites in our loop were either 50-amp with
water a long distance from the site, or 30-amp with water
a bit closer.  We chose a 30-amp site, since we didn’t have
enough hose for the others.  The water faucets were
“doubles” that had to share, and the placement of them was
terrible.  Strike one here – bring lots of hose!

The 30-amp service was strong, and water pressure was
good.  We received a good signal from Verizon for our
phones and boosted hotspot.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
Many sites had both, but ours (#C27) did not have a fire

Bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
The bathrooms were not impressive, although our stay
spanned the July 4th weekend and they were probably
highly-used.  The single shower in the bathroom looked
like it might be OK after a decent cleaning.  Certainly not
impressive.  No laundry room.

Pet and/or kid friendly?
This park resembled a state park in a lot of ways.  No
equipment for kids to play on, but there were large lawn
areas everywhere.  Huge areas around the park, both
lawn and parking lots, could certainly be used for off-
leash walking of dogs.

Bike/walking trails nearby?
Yes!  The trail leading south out of the park was concrete
and miles long.  The only thing to consider was that it was
for bikes and walkers, and there were a lot of bikers on it
when we took our walks.  Not shaded, but plenty long for
a nice walk.

Grocery stores and other services nearby?
Many stores, restaurants and other services were available
within a 20-minute drive of the park, which would get one
into downtown Omaha.

The first two paragraphs pretty much cover it.  This
appears to be a nice little party park for the locals, but
not a place for travelers to spend a lot of time.  We were
looking for a place close to Omaha where we could
spend the weekend, and there really weren’t any
others that interested us.  We’ll look harder next time
we’re in the area.  A park with reasonable prices and
potential, but lack of management and enforcement
brought our rating way down.


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