Ashford, Washington

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October, 2016

The Lowe’s overall rating (based on value for the money,
quality of amenities and utilities, site suitability and what
we believe other RV’ers in our situation would be looking
for) = 7 out of 10 stars

Site #12 was plenty wide, and plenty deep – all the way back into the forest. However, we had to park near the tree to get close to level
This place had a real “campground feel” to it
You can’t see into the shower stall here, but it was nice and I liked the big bench and hooks just outside of it
The shower room is to the right, and the bathroom to the left. A single washer and dryer was enough for this small campground

Noise level and overall “feel” of the campground?
No exterior road noise, the campground is set well off the road that
leads into Ranier National Park just a couple of miles east.  This was
a small, family-run operation, and they knew what they were doing.
Even the kids helped out, delivering firewood to the sites.

This place had a real “campground feel” to it, and we loved it.  Located
in heavy forest with large sites and lots of trees, forget about satellite
reception here!   Forget about cell signals too, but more on that later.

Road and site access?
Interior roads were a mix of natural forest floor with some gravel
sprinkled in it.  All sites were back-in types, and it was fairly easy to
access them.

Condition of sites?
Sites were quite wide, some more than others, but we were able to
easily park our car next to the coach with room to spare.  They were
also quite long, the only hindrance to parking way back being access
to some of the utilities.  “Roomy” is how I would describe the feel of
these sites.  Unfortunately some (like ours, #12) were not level.  I had
to pull out all my tricks and leveling blocks to get leveled up.

Utilities offered and their quality?
These were 30-amp, full hookup sites.  Electric was extremely weak.
We couldn’t even run our microwave by itself with no other loads –
not good!  The office had no comment when I mentioned it.  Water
pressure was good.

No cable available and as I said no satellite due to heavy trees.  We
don’t care about TV, but others may not like that 
even portable setups
won’t work here.  No Verizon or AT&T signal, but the great news is the
park had fantastic WiFi that worked well day and night. 

The utilities were placed in the middle of the site, but it would have
been nice if they had been farther back so people could back further
into their sites.  Another issue was that the sewer connection was
uphill of the level part of the site in several sites.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
Picnic tables all over the place, some sites had two or three of them.
Rock fire pits that worked fine, and the office sold excellent wood for

Bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
The facilities were nice.  A modern and clean restroom, and a shower
room with a big bench and hooks.  Also a single washer and dryer with
a big folding table.  Not much, but plenty for this small campground.

Pet friendly?
Since the property had mostly natural ground cover, doggies seemed
very content to do their business just about anywhere around the sites
(hopefully with their owner cleaning up after them).

Bicycle/walking trails nearby?
No paths or trails right out of the park, but who cares with Mt. Ranier
NP just up the road with over 200 miles of hiking trails?

Groceries & other services nearby?
This is a pretty isolated area, not much around.  There was a small
grocery store with all of the “essentials” and enough fruits and veggies
for salads just 4 miles west.  A couple of small inns and restaurants
were nearby, but we didn’t try them.  Just hanging out at our site,
eating good food and enjoying daily campfires was enough for us.

This is the place to stays for access into the western side of Mt. Ranier
NP, only a couple of miles east of the campground.  Overall we enjoyed
this small and quiet campground with OK utilities and facilities, and the
atmosphere was excellent.  Although seemingly a long way from
anywhere, we’d stay here again.