An unexpected extended stay – Tucson, AZ

We are continuing to enjoy a pleasant springtime in Tucson.  We’ve been wandering through the desert daily as early as possible to avoid the unbearable daytime heat – wow, the sun is hot down here! During those wanderings we’ve been able to view the progress of the desert flora blooming on a daily basis.  This is our first spring here, and we’ve been enthralled by the various […]

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A rendezvous in the desert – Tucson, AZ

Humming Bird

So here we remain, at our “winter headquarters” for this year – Tucson.  The population of over a half million seems to be spread out enough that it usually doesn’t feel too overcrowded, although we do try hard to avoid commute hour traffic when possible. We love that this city is ringed by mountain ranges offering endless hiking opportunities, especially when combined with the […]

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