Plumbing Into an RV Propane System

Steve’s giving me a break and posting one of his tech-thingy articles – yay! 🙂 We recently purchased a portable propane campfire unit, after checking out many of them during our travels.  Mona Liza just couldn’t wait to say, “It’s about time, what took you so long”?, since I had held off purchasing one for over four years.  Dave and Faye gave me the final push, after demonstrating their unit and making me realize it was exactly what I’d been looking for. We love campfires, but the smoke and the issue of getting good firewood?  Not so much.  And of course, many campgrounds just don’t allow wood campfires.  So I had no problem with buying a portable unit – I just wanted to get the right one.  Some I had seen used “logs”, but I prefer the small rocks and tremendous heat this little unit provides.  It’s Camco part#58041, and I can say after using it for a while that we’re very happy with it. Back to the main reason for this post – I wanted to plumb this unit into my existing RV propane system which has a 30-gallon tank, and not have to carry and refill extra tanks. The only downside to this I’ve heard is that I can’t carry the fire pit and tank to another site.  Too bad, folks will just have to come to our place if they want to enjoy it with us!  And in reality, it would be easy to disconnect the […]

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