Hiking and Blogger Fests – Moab, UT

Fisher Tower

For those of you who are counting, this is my 5th (and final) post about our activities in Moab.  And hopefully you’re not tired of seeing red rocks, canyons and fins, because Moab is filled with them. Since we saw bad weather developing at our next destination,  we extended our stay in Moab for another week and got to experience more of what it has […]

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Our turn to be tour guides – Moab, UT


After catching a ride over Moab’s famous red rock fins and being chauffeured on dirt roads by friends, it was our turn to be tour guides for our BFF’s from California.  Vic and Pam made a road trip to Moab to hang out with us for a few days, and since we’d explored the area prior to their arrival we were confident we could show them around. Just down the road from Arches […]

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