A big Texas landmark – Kingsville, TX

Santa Gertrudis Cow

They say everything in Texas is big, and one of the things the state is known for is its super-sized ranches.  The size of the state itself lends it perfectly to the industry of raising cattle. The massive King Ranch in southern Texas – covering more area than the state of Rhode Island, and with more acreage than Dallas, Houston and San Antonio combined – […]

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Two Birders of a Feather – Port Aransas, TX

Roseate Spoonbill

Two deep-south states – Texas and Florida – are known for their amazing assemblage of birds and other animals.  The “Sister States in Birds”, as they are sometimes called, share many of the same birds – even going so far as to both claim the Northern Mockingbird as their state bird. Texas gets more western birds, while Florida hosts some Carribbean species […]

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