1. Hi Steve, just would like to mention that the links on the top banner (RV PARK REVIEWS) do not get us at the reviews but only to (very nice) USA maps. The [Steve’s RV Park Reviews] link is kinda hidden… That’s too bad because I find your reviews ‘top’ and many could benefit from it. I’m myself hoping that the 2015 version will be avail soon.
    Say Hi to Mona Lisa.

    • Greetings, and thanks for your input!

      I hope I understand the issue as you have described it. The RV Park Reviews tab on our home page should give you options to view 2014 or 2015 maps (the only full years I have done reviews, although I did many in 2013 as well). If you select one of those you will be taken to the appropriate Umap displaying all of our stops for that year. That map should be interactive so you can click on any stop we made and see a link to the campground, a link to my review, and in some cases other information.

      We did it this way to make it easy for folks traveling along routes similar to ours to have a map image they can use to assist with their planning.

      If I’m missing something please let me know, or if the map is not interactive for you. I’m always willing to make things more useful for folks.


      ~Steve LowesTravels.com

      On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 10:10 AM, The Lowe's RV adventures wrote:


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